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Kansas Authors Join Marci Penner for Authors Gathering

Kansas Originals Market - February 19, 2006

Outstanding Kansas authors from across the state will join together for a Meet the Kansas Author's Gathering at Kansas Originals Market & Gallery, located north of the I-70 Wilson exit 206 on Sunday, February 19th from 12 until 3 p.m.

Marci Penner, Inman, Distinguished Kansan of the Year, will be available to discuss her Kansas Travel Guide for Explorers. Marci traveled over 40,000 miles and visited 627 Kansas cities and towns to gather information for her 432 page Kansas Travel Guide. The guide has become extremely popular for everyone who loves to find unique and amazing places to explore in Kansas. Joining Marci for the festivities will be Kansas Authors from cities and small towns across the state including Overland Park, Phillipsburg, Manhattan, Lawrence, Topeka, Wichita, Russell, and Denmark. Appetizers and snacks made using Kansas food products will be served during the event.

Margaret and Gary Kraisinger worked together to write The Western, the only book of its kind to document and illustrate this cattle trail to such an extent. Gary drew the 86 maps in the book while Margaret wrote the text.

Martha Knudsen will be introducing the third book in her series of Kansas Barn Books. She has made ink drawings of barns from nearly every county in Kansas. Some of the old barns captured in her drawings are no longer standing.

The inspiration for Mike Klaassen's first published book, The Brute, came from his many years as a Scout leader and was written when he was unable to find suitable books that would interest young boys. The Kansas Authors Club nominated The Brute for The J. Donald Coffin Award in 2005.

Jerry Engler has been credited with creating a nearly new genre of writing with his book Just Folks: Earthy Tales of the Prairie Heartland. This book enjoys the recognition of being the highest selling book from its publishers as it was introduced during the Kansas State Fair.

Max Yoho of Dancing Goat Press writes books of humor drawn from Kansas nostalgia. Endorsed by Don Coldsmith and Baxter Black his published works include Felicia these Fish are Delicious, Moon Butter Route, The Revival and Tales from Comanche County.

Eunice Boeve thoroughly researches her subjects before writing her historical children's novels. Trapped was written through the eyes of a young girl in the famous Donner party. Maggie and Sass, Summer of the Crow and Window to the World are also part of her collection.

Anne Shiever writes books of poetry, children's books and has written a comprehensive book of facts, fiction and myths and legends associated with precious metals and stones. Her poems have been nominated for national and international recognition.

In her children's books Ruth Scheer uses rhyme and language to build vocabulary, as well as to inform and entertain. This grandmother of thirty uses words not commonly found in children's books in Elephant's Trunk, Hippopotamus My Friend and Giraffe at the Zoo. Her latest book, Fantasy Fables, is a collection of stories written about the name of each of her grandchildren.

Ruthie Wornall is well known for her series of cookbooks titled for the three ingredients used in each recipe. The series includes Three Ingredient Cookbook Volumes 1, 2 and 3 and Three Ingredient Cookbook Main Dish, Three Ingredient Cookbook Low-Sugar and Three Ingredient Cookbook Low Cholesterol. The Best of Three Ingredient Cooking is a compilation of her series of cookbooks. Ruthie will be introducing two new books.

The Kansas Landscape is a joint photographic venture to capture the beauty of Kansas by Mark Feiden and Edward Robison. Their intention is to counteract the misconception of Kansas as a vast plain of emptiness. The book published by the Konza Media Group contains images of the high plains, just one of the 11 geographic regions of Kansas.

A former professor at Emporia State University, Dr. Williard Stibal is the author of The Gentle Giant, a story of NFL Giant star Dale Burnett and his Kansas roots. Stibal wrote FDR's Secret Army to tell how world events affected life in small town USA and how the depression led to the establishment of the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp.)

Ruth Sorenson's book, Beyond the Prairie Wind, is the recorded story of early Scandinavian settlers who stopped in the middle of the American desert and looked beyond their obstacles and discomforts to plant seeds that would sprout and become the thriving community of Denmark in Lincoln, Kansas.

Johnny Kaw, Izzie and Twister Twyla, children's literature from Jerri Garretson were written to stimulate imagination. Jerri's Trespassing Time Ghost Stories and The Secret of Whispering Springs are for the more mature reader.

Set in Kansas during the start of the Civil War, Sissy! by author Tom Mach won the Donald J.Coffin Award presented by the Kansas Authors Club to the best Kansas novel published that year. Recognized for its superb story line and historical significance, Sissy! is a novel that is enjoyed by readers of all ages. Tom will be introducing his newest book, All Parts Together, which is the second book in his trilogy of a 19th century woman named Jessica Radford.

Doris Herrs will be introducing A Tale of Theodore Threefeathers, a children's book, co-authored with her grandchildren, Jessie & Julia Damman. Doris illustrated the book with her colorful paintings.

Abigail from Jan Allison is a work of historical fiction for children ages 5 to 10. Also included is an activity book that features crafts, toys and songs from the Civil War era and encourages children to write, introducing them to life as it was for a child in 1864.

Flavors to Savor is a compilation of family history and recipes by Kristin Schmitt. Each of the 240 recipes is accompanied by a full color picture of the dish photographed by the author.

Whether you like to read, enjoy visiting or if you're just looking for a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon munching on Kansas appetizers and snacks, you will want to be at Kansas Originals Market & Gallery on February 19 for this incredible gathering of Kansas authors. The Post Rock Opportunities Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation operates Kansas Originals Market & Gallery. Located on the north side of the Wilson I-70 exit 206. For further information call 785-658-2602. A complete list of authors attending can be found online at

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