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A Kansas Bestiary

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A Kansas Bestiary by A Kansas Bestiary Partnership is a collection of musings and watercolors about animals on the Kansas prairie. The featured Kansas animals that will have you in awe are: badger, bison, black-footed ferret, boreal chorus frog, cougar, coyote, gopher snake, grasshopper, meadowlark, ornate box turtle, prairie chicken, pronghorn, red-tailed hawk, regal fritillary, and scissor-tailed flycatcher.

This book:
  • Is written by Kansas Authors Doug Hitt and Jake Vail 
  • Is illustrated by Lisa Grossman
  • Will make a great table book that invokes the interest in our prairie neighbors
  • Is a paperback with 68 pages fully illustrated pages
  • Also available in hardcover addition
  • Both children and adults will enjoy this book