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Glimpses Fill'er Up Memoirs & Memorabilia

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Product #: 9780692058077

Judi Kirk's  avid search for stations in first book Remants: Prairie Gas Stations Remembered did not end there. Th search goes on in Glimpses Fill'er Up Memoirs & Memorabilia.  Judy portrays her adventures with passion and humor as she explores what's left of the historic, colorful, and dynamic local 20th Century full-service filling stations found across Kansas. Some have been abandoned while others have been restored and preserved, or found new lives as office space, pharmacies, or retail stores. 

  • Paperback
  • 230 Pages
  • With large color photographs and colorful stories of historic filling stations, gas pumps and old cars
  • A continuation of the book Remnants
Artist/Brand Website: Judy Kirk