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Kansas Raw Honey -- 5 Sizes Available

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Enhance your meals and entice your sweet tooth with 100% pure raw Kansas Honey. This honey is just heated enough to strain through cheesecloth to remove any debris but not pasteurized.

This honey:

  • Is hand-harvested entirely from Central Kansas beehives
  • Is 100% pure Raw Honey
  • Has a variety of nectar sources including: wild sand plum and yellow sweet clover

Available is multiple sizes

  • 3 lb Glass Jar
  • Half Gallon Glass Jar  (In-store)
  • Gallon Glass Jar         (In-store)
  • 24 oz Honey Bear       (great for shipping) 
  • 12 oz Honey Bear       (great for shipping)
  • 4 lb in 2-  2lb plastic bottles (great for for shipping)