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Kansas Originals Small FaLaLa Christmas Box

$29.99 each 463-0462-22

Our small Kansas Originals FaLaLa Christmas Box is a reasonably priced, small box that features 1/4 lb fudge, Frosted Snowball Pretzels, Schlaegel's Candied White Chocolate Cherry Popcorn (new flavor), and a bag of Pecans

  • Comes in a decorative Christmas Box -- designed for shipping
  • Box measures 8 x 8 x 3.5 inches
  • Features candy and snacks from Kansas 
  • We will ship anywhere in the continental United States for you or to you
  • We include an attractive Christmas Card with your message
  • Exceptional Value
  • One of our series of gift baskets, boxes and bags
  • We customize boxes for you if you want to change out a product.