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Proud Rooster by Devi Wilbur

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$49.99 each

Product #: 1855-0014

Devi Wilbur is an accomplished artist who creates one-of-a-kind collectible pieces.  Proud Rooster was made by making a roughly shaped mold which is filled with a polymer.  The mold is removed and destroyed and then Devi carves the details into the piece using various tools.  It is finished with  alcohol ink and acrylic paint. When completed Devi has created an original art piece with exquisite detail and coloring.  Art collectors will find her collectible Proud Rooster to be a valuable piece to add to their collection.  Anyone who loves decorating with chickens can proudly display this piece in their home.

  • Collectible art by Devi Wilbur
  • Made with a poured polymer
  • Features exquisite detail and coloring
  • Never duplicated