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Sole Sanctifer Soaps

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$5.99 each

Product #: 1779-0001_133


Make every bath a luxurious event with a bar of Sole Sanctifier Soap. Your room will have a touch of soothing elegance between the beautiful scent and the gorgeous colors of your choice of eleven soaps. (Choose one of the eleven soaps from the drop down menu to see their various colors.)

These soap bars:

  • Hand poured by Amy Meyer of Soul Sanctifier
  • 4 ounce size
  •  Made with a blend of: olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and castor oil with the  addition of quality scents
  •  Made in Kansas

Available Scents:

  1. Lavender Essential Oil—A white, purple, and green swirled bar of soap
  2. Warm Cashmere Radiance—A maroon and gold bar of soap with gold and maroon sparkles throughout.
  3.  Oatmeal Milk & Honey—A tan bar of soap with oats on top and throughout
  4.  Tea Tree Lemongrass—A blue and gray swirled bar of soap
  5.  Black Raspberry Vanilla— A white bar of soap with light and dark purple swirls
  6.  Japanese Cherry  Bios—A white bar with green, purple and white swirls
  7.  Apple Spiced Cider—A brown and 
  8.  Peppermint--A  
  9.  Cherry Blossom—A white bar of soap with purple and green swirls
  10. Beautiful Day—A red and blue swirled bar with a white and red swirled center
  11. Fresh Spice Peaches—A peach and tan soap with orchid, pink and amber swirls and paprika sprinkles throughout 
  12. Viking Longship--A blue, gray, white bar sure to make any man smell good