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The Kansas Box

$39.99 each 463-0468D
Box Choice

Just for Christmas, our popular Kansas Box  is available in our Winter Distressed Wood Box. Items Included are Peppernut cookies, Gourmet Tornado Popcorn, a chocolate crispy pop, a small honey bear sporting a stocking cap, a small Kansas Sunflower Jelly, Sunny Seed Drops, a Kansas magnet, and bags of Snaxsun Bacon and Lightly Salted Wheat Treats.  The Kansas box is also available in our blue box.

We have sold out of the Christmas Tartan box and have replaced it with the Stylish Winter Distressed Wood box.

  • A perfect gift from Kansas
  • We will ship anywhere in the United States
  • Kansas-made  Kansas-grown products
  • One of our series of gift baskets, boxes and bags  
  • Also available in our all-occasion blue box